Benefits of Aerobic Treatment

The benefits of using an Aero-Tech ATU (aerobic treatment unit) are substantial.  The conditions in a “regular” septic system are ideal for bio-mat growth.   A bio-mat is a blackish jelly-like film caused by anaerobic bacteria that builds up in your absorption field.  The bio-mat eventually clogs off the soil interface, reducing the system’s ability to absorb water, and causes the system to back up and fail.

The bio-mat is able to grow because of the available nutrients in your wastewater and the saturated, anaerobic (oxygenless) conditions.  These “bad” bacteria thrive in these conditions, multiply and add to your bio-mat.

The Aero-Tech aerobic treatment unit produces cleaned, highly oxygenated water that is incompatible with bio-mat growth.   In fact,  the aerobic-bacteria-rich water produced by Aero-Tech’s ATU actively works to reverse the bio-mat build-up in failing and ailing systems.   Whether it’s a trench or mound system, we have fixed many failed septic systems by simply adding an Aero-Tech ATU after the existing septic tank.

1.  The Aero-Tech ATU reduces the nutrient load (food for the bio-mat by 98%).

2.  The same Aerobic bacteria which feed on the nutrients in the ATU will also feed on your existing bio-mat.

3.  Aero-Techs treated water is high in dissolved oxygen and incompatible with anaerobic bacteria (the cause of bio-mats).

Aero-Tech Aerobic Treatment Units are Superior – Here’s Why:

  • Suspended solids that can physically clog your absorption field are reduced by 97%
  • Very high overall treatment levels:
    • CBOD5:    5 mg/L (98% reduction)
    • Total Suspended Soils (TSS): 6 mg/L (97% reduction)
    • Dissolved Oxygen at least:  4 mg/L
    • Denitrification of 49%
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Excellent 5 year warranty on all part including the aeration pump
  • Aeration pump cannot be heard
  • No diffuser stones to plug or compressors to wear out
  • A smart investment.  Affordable in the short-term and cost savings over the long-term.
  • May be added to any septic system
  • Affordable and effective for restaurant high strength waste
  • May be configured to handle unlimited amounts of flow
  • Other brands of ATU tanks can be retrofitted with the Aero-Tech system – See our Retro-Fix Kit

A properly fed and maintained Aero-Tech ATU will prohibit the growth of a bio-mat in your new system and will help to eliminate bio-mat buildup in your existing system.

Bio-Mat in stone and Pipe

Ted Louden of the Michigan State University Extension office recently published an article called “On the Wastewater Front, Alternatives When Drain Fields Fail”  which states that aerobic treatment decomposed the clogged field system over 90% of the time without additional symptoms of failure.   For other general articles about ATUs and system rejuvenation, see University of West Virginia’s “Aerobic Treatment Units: An Alternative to Septic Systems.” and “Aerobic Treatment Unit” from the University of Minnesota.

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