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Welcome to Meade Septic Supply LLC and Aero-Tech Aerobic Treatment Unit Sales for Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The Aero-Tech aerobic treatment unit (ATU)  cleans your wastewater before it enters your septic system’s absorption field.  The benefits are impressive.

The Aero-Tech aerobic treatment unit (ATU) is made in Plymouth Indiana and is an NSF 40 CERTIFIED device that cleans your wastewater.  This is done by promoting Aerobic microorganism activity and its consumption of organic contaminants through diffusing air (and oxygen) into the wastewater.

Visit Aero-Tech’s website for a more complete (and technical) description.

The main parts of the unit are the exterior tank and internal clarifying cone and aeration pump.

To better understand the unit, let’s follow the wastewater through the Aero-Tech ATU.

After making it’s way through a septic tank or trash tank (which is a smaller capacity tank) the wastewater flows into the outside portion of the tank.  This is where the aeration and digestion occurs.

The aeration pump, mixes wastewater with air (drawn in through a one inch pvc pipe) into the pump’s impeller.  The aeration pump, which stays on continually, then pumps the wastewater and air (in the form of tiny bubbles) out six pump discharges with curved tubes.  The result is a continual mix of wastewater and air in a swirling fashion  that optimizes digestion and system efficiency.

Water is displaced into the clarifying cone (quit zone).  The water in this cone is void of bubbles.  Because it is still, it allows any remaining suspended solids to settle back into the mixing chamber to be further treated.   It is normal for the water in this cone to clear enough to be able to easily view the pump through the water.

Clear water then makes its way from the clarifying cone, through the outlet pipe to your absorption field, or dosing tank.

“Stuart on Septics – Episode 1” Aero-Tech Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) from Stuart Meade on Vimeo.