Aero-Tech Retro-Fix

Conventional aerobic treatment units (ATU) rely on compressor pumps to force air through diffuser stones in the bottom of the aeration tank. These compressors wear out, requiring costly repair or replacement.

Aero-Tech ATUs overcome compressor problems by utilizing a patented submersible aeration/effluent pump to recirculate wastewater while inducing air and oxygen into the system.  This pump, with it’s five year warranty, runs silently in the bottom of the tank!

Aero-Tech now offers a RETRO-FIX kit that allows your existing ATU to be changed to an Aero-Tech ATU!  Here’s how it works…

Retro-Fix Installation Instructions:

1. Cut the bottom of the existing cone off leaving a 17″ diameter opening. Figure 1

2. Remove cone bottom from the tank. Figure 2

3. Measure from bottom of the tank to the bottom of the cone. Figure 3

4. Cut retro-fix cone to 8″ off the bottom of the tank. Figure 4

5. Apply a generous amount of silicone to the flange area of the retro-fix cone. Figure 4

6. Push the retro-fix cone downward until it snaps into existing cone. Figure 5

7. Install pump and pipe into tank and attach high water alarm wire to pipe if applicable. Figure 6

8. Install air supply pipe toward house leaving 3 ft. exposed above ground level. Figure 7

9. Hook up wiring to pump.

10. You may have to change air flow switch to current sensor for the aerator alarm circuit.

11. Fill with water and start motor.