Aero-Tech ATU Models and Tanks

Aero-Tech ATU model numbers correlate with the amount of wastewater (gallons per day) that the unit is approved to handle.
(Example:  The AT-500  is sized for up to a 500 gallon per day flow rate )

Aero-Tech Models Include:

AT-500       500 g.p.d ( 3 bedroom homes in Indiana)
AT-600       600 g.p.d. (4 bedroom home in Indiana)
AT-750       750 g.p.d. ( 5 bedroom home in Indiana)
AT-1000    1000 g.p.d. ( 6 bedroom home in Indiana)
AT-1500    1500 g.p.d. ( 10 bedroom home in Indiana)
3,000 and 5,000 g.p.d. units are also available

Aero-Tech AT-750 Unit

Each ATU package comes complete with tank, aeration pump, lid with locking cover, pedestal and controller.
Aero-Tech’s fiberglass tanks (without the interior cone)  can be used as septic or dosing tanks.  Anti flotation rings can be installed at the factory to ensure that your tank does not “float” if pumped dry even in the wettest soils.

Plastic poly tanks that connect to the ATU tank are available as trash tanks (small septic tanks) or dosing tanks.  These tanks ensure water tightness and allow your Aero-Tech certified installer to set one bundle of tanks instead of setting them individually.

Aero-Tech’s Retro Fix Kit: Do you own another brand of ATU and are tired of replacing the air compressor?  Aero-Tech’s Retro Fix allows other kinds of ATUs to be easily and affordable converted to an Aero-Tech unit (with its 5 year warranty).

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