Fiberglass Dosing Tanks

Aero-Tech’s stong and waterproof fiberglass tanks make great pump tanks.

Have piece of mind that your dosing tank is impervious to ground water infiltration.  Whether you’re in need of  a simple pump tank, duplex time-dosing tank, effluent lift station, sewage ejection pit or a large quadplex dosing tank, Aero-Tech can build you what you need.   Below are photos of two duplex 1165 gal. dosing tanks that are glassed together and connected near the bottom with a 4″ dia. PVC pipe to allow water to seek the same level in each tank (and function as a single tank).  These tanks are equipped with anti-flotation rings and 24″ x 48″ lids on each tank.     Each of these fiberglass tanks contains duplex pumps, each with it’s own 3″ dia. Sim-Tech pressure filter.   This specific tank was built for a 6,000 gallons per day mound septic system in Indiana.