Installation and Maintenance

Aero-Tech aerobic treatment units are manufactured in Plymouth Indiana.

All Aero-Tech ATUs must be purchased and installed by an Aero-Tech trained and certified installer.  The installer must include two years of system service in their installation price.   After the two years of included service, the homeowner needs to obtain  a yearly service contract with their installer or another certified service provider. Failure to do so will void the 5 year aerator pump warranty.  Maintenance on these units is minimal but necessary to ensure the system continues to function properly.

Expected services associated with your system may include:

1. Clear the scum in the clarifier cone (if needed)  – Check every 6 months
2. Clear air vents on the control pedestal (if needed) –  Check every 6 months
3. Repair or replace submersible aerator  (if needed) – Possible every 5-10 years
4. Pump sludge from aeration tank  (if needed) –  Every 2 – 5 years
5. Pump sludge from pretreatment tank  (if needed) –  Every 2 – 4 years