Restaurant High Strength Waste

Aero-Tech aerobic treatment units are approved to treat high strength waste in Indiana.  Restaurant wastewater with its high levels of fats, oils, greases and other food particles is usually classified as high strength waste.

Here in Indiana, secondary treatment of restaurant waste is a requirement of the Indiana State Department of Health.

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High strength waste can wreck havoc on a septic systems by accelerating the formation of the bio-mat and physically clogging the soil absorption system.   Food preparation and dish washing  often creates wastewater with CBOD levels greater than 1000 mg/l (residential waste is usually 130 – 250 mg/l).

Aero-Tech ATUs equipped with our SA05 230 volt aerator will treat CBOD levels of 2000 mg/L  down to <20 mg/L .  Aero-Tech ATUs can also be set up in series (if necessary) to treat extremely high levels of BOD and TSS.   Our units are an affordable and effective way to treat high strength waste whether it’s final destination is an onsite septic system,  municipal (city sewer) or a surface discharge (when equipped with ultraviolet or chlorine  disinfection).

Whether you’re a single dipper ice cream shop or the world’s largest food court, Aero-Tech ATUs can help.

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